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The Val di Chiana, a "Piece of Paradise"

The Val di Chiana, a large natural amphitheater enclosed by the mountains of Siena and Lake Trasimeno, is the valley to the south of Arezzo’s district is for the tourist the ideal place for excursions in search of Etruscan handycrafts.
In Val di Chiana lush countryside, picturesque hills and beautiful parks, major art cities and famous hot springs, atmospheres and places that fascinate and conquer always tourists and visitors from around the world follow one after another.
The Val di Chiana was inhabited for centuries by the Etruscans, who left extraordinary handycrafts and architecture in the town of Cortona, but for those who are passionate about archeology, a must is the town of Castiglion Fiorentino, where the Museo Civico Archeologico collects Etruscan artefacts from Cassero’s recent excavations.
The medieval villages of the Val di Chiana, guard and keep, churches and museums, masterpieces of art such as the extraordinary Annunciation by Beato Angelico visibile inside the Diocesan Museum in Cortona.
Lucignano is a unique villane in its kind, it has a characteristic elliptical plan, with streets and alleys that meet on top of the village in front of its most important church: the Collegiata, which is characterized by a circular churchyard. Another location of particular interest is Foiano della Chiana, with its Renaissance buildings, is home to one of the oldest carnivals in Italy.
Great artists were born in villages in the Val di Chiana: Luca Signorelli in Cortona, Pietro Berrettini known has Pietro da Cortona and Gino Severini. Monte San Savino, with its elegant Renaissance architecture, was the birthplace of a great Renaissance sculptor such as Andrea Cantucci known as Sansovino.
How can we forget the "culture of the kitchen"!? The Val di Chiana in addition to being an excellent area of production of D.O.C. red wines and of extra virgin olive oil, offers many dishes based on grains such as farro soup, "high quality" meat and sausages, in particular the meat comes from farms of "Chianina" the best meat in the world.

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