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Buy to Let

The Formula "Buy to Let” Intermedia’s Buy and rent, is the IDEAL SOLUTION for investors who want to use the property, without renouncing to an income in those periods when they are not using the property.
With extreme care Intermedia selects and certifies buildings "Buy to Let”- Buy and Rent, that can be included in the rental circuit to produce an income immediately and safely. The main advantage of Formula "Buy to Let”- Buy and rent, is the maximum flexibility and range of possible forms of use: the property purchased, can be used for seasonal living or can be rented for the all year by receiving a steady income from the rental. All types of property in this class, ensure a prompt return on investment and a growth of capital value over the long term.
With Intermedia’s "Buy to Let”- Buy and Rent formula, you can decide when to use your home and how much to derive from its lease without needing to worry about other things.
The Intermedia Team, is at your disposal to provide any assistance and information on Formula "Buy to Let” - Buy and rent.

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